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How DHT Works

DHT is dihydrotestosterone, an androgen that is found in the male body. This can also be found in the female body, but it is typically more likely to be found in men.

The thing is that men and women alike can develop it, but men have more of these androgens. Still, it is something that will occur upon people at any age; it typically does not discriminate against race or hair color either.

The 5-alpha-reductase compound will synthesize DHT around the hair follicles, adrenal glands, and prostate. In some cases, the body's metabolic rate will change dramatically as a result of the development of the compound, but in most cases, it will be responsible for causing hair loss above all else. DHT will work by moving its way into the dermal papilla. This is a key component of the hair follicle that is required to help you get more hair. It is practically the deepest space on your scalp. This will be the main hub for the production of hair on your scalp so it will continue to look vibrant and attractive.

The dermal papilla is designed to stay within the bottom part of your scalp and make the hair that it is attached to look a little nicer. Think of it like the foundation for a house; you need that papilla to keep the hair upright and ready to be displayed. If you don't have a strong papilla, then the hair itself will not stay up.

This classic image of the way a hair follicle works shows that the papilla is on the bottom part of the hair. This is going to cause the growth of the hair above anything else in the area. The papilla is right next to the bulb. It triggers the development of hair and will provides it with the energy to move through the dermis and other parts of the hair.

The dermal papilla cells will get in contact with the new hair follicles that are trying to support the development of hair all around. The purpose is to keep them strong and ready to function.

The dermal cells will particularly be in direct contact with the body's bloodstream. This will attain all the key nutrients that the hair requires to get the follicle to grow as needed.

If the papilla is supported with the right nutrients, then it will be very easy for the hair follicle to grow and stay sturdy. It will promote the growth of hair while also making it stronger and less likely to break off.

If the follicle area ever becomes smaller in size, then it will be harder for the hair to stay strong. It will be likely to either fall out or become weak over time.

A big part of this aspect of your hair is that it is a deep material that will be stuck quite well inside your skin. It is so deep that if you plucked out a hair, then that papilla will not come out. Its cells will stay entrenched deep inside your skin. Besides, this is why hairs that are plucked out of spots where you don't want to have hair on will keep on growing back.

After all, if you plucked one of those hairs out then you'll notice you're not bleeding after you did so. The papilla is still intact and is still attached to your bloodstream.

So what role does DHT play in this process? DHT will get into the dermal papilla and keep the area from receiving the nutrients that it requires to develop new hair.

In addition, the resting phase of the hair follicle will extend if there is too much DHT. In some cases, the resting phase will last for years.

All hair follicles will contain resting and growing phases. These are to tell when the hair is to grow and when it should not. This is typically managed in many places around the scalp to ensure that hair will grow the right way. If the follicles are not treated properly, then DHT will easily move into the area, thus causing the resting phases to last much longer than necessary. This in turn will cause your hair to wear out and fall out.

You can get a DHT test to determine if you have this problem. A DHT test is often used in testosterone therapy procedures to determine if people have too much testosterone. The key for this hormone is to develop properly; if testosterone is not managed the right way then it can cause hair loss. This does not automatically mean that people with plenty of testosterone in their bodies will develop hair loss. Those with loads of this hormone can live without hair loss if their bodies are kept healthy.

A typical DHT test will entail a blood sample. The sample will then be analyzed in a lab to determine the total amount of DHT in your system. This in turn will help you to analyze your hair and to receive some form of treatment that you know will be effective and suitable for your goals at large.

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