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Request Error: No ad to show. admob for ios

Check the AdMob SDK version that you are using in your Xcode.  Go to  and check if there are any new SDKs.  If AdMob released any new SDK in portal, Then download the latest SDK and replace the old one. It worked for me. Hope above solution will helps you to resolve the issue (Request Error: No ad to show).

To generate the source url for individual developer .

Don't have a Source Url to submit an app to AppStore. The below solution will help you to create a Source Url. Steps: 1. Go to   2. Create a Blogger Account. 3. login into your Blogger Account. 4. Create a Page 5. Publish the Page 6. After Publishing your page take the Url of the published page. 7. Use that published page URL as your Source URL. 8. Submit your app to AppStore.  Hope the above solution will help you to resolve the issue.