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Flames Calculator

 How does this flames calculator work?

It is always hard to define the relationship between two people in a simple word like friendship, love, affection and enemy or to predict the outcome, like marriage.

The above tool tries to find the answer to questions likes "what is our relationship?" or to give you a sense of what is going on between you and another person. You are only asked to enter the two names between which you want to calculate the relationship.

The flames calculator is based on quite a simple algorithm in which FLAMES stands for:

■ Friendship;

■ Love;

■ Affection;

■ Marriage;

■ Enemy;

■ Siblings.

The FLAMES test is actually a compatibility analysis that reveals to what extent the relationship between two persons can go, defining that into 6 simple words.

You can use it as a love meter to see whether you and your crush have any chance to get serious or simply to see what future holds between you and the person you just met. This is just another fun name game that most pre-teens and teens have tried.

You can also play the flames game on paper by writing the two names for which you want the relationship reading. Then you need to eliminate the letters that are common to both words, no matter how many times they appear.

The next step is to count the letters that remained. Then you use the number you obtained to count the letters from the word Flames. If the number is greater than 6 you continue counting from the letter F once again. The letter on which the number lands on reveals the relationship between the two persons.

Example of a result


The common letters: E, L, A,


The count for the remaining letters: 9


The relationship will result in Affection.

Exe 2

How Flames calculator works

FLAMES stance for 

F - Friendship

L - Love

A - Affection

M - Marriage

E - Enemy

S - Sister (Sibling)

Example :

Your name: asd

Your Partner name: abcd

1. Get the flames count

Take the two names (asd and abcd)

Remove the common characters (two common characters ad

Get the count of the characters that are left (Removed a,d and the rest are s,b,c. So total 3.)

2. Get the flames result

We take FLAMES letters ('F', 'L', 'A', 'M', 'E', 'S')

And start removing letters using the flames count we got.

And the letter which last the process is the result.

In our example we got flames count = 3. So first we takes FLAMES.


Then we start count from left up to flames count 3. Then remove the letter which is in the position 3. In this case it is A. So the letters become:


Then we start count again from the letter which is removed ie, from M. So the next character to remove is S. So our letters become:


After next step:




At Last:


So the result is 'Friend' as letter F meant for Frienship in FLAMES game.


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